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  • Treat your tapes carefully.  Avoid dropping tapes.
  • Store at comfortable temperatures.  Avoid extreme heat or cold; between 50°
    and 90° F is safe.  A relative humidity of 30 - 60% is good.  Donít store tapes in damp
    or moisture prone areas.  Never leave tapes in a closed auto or trunk on hot sunny
  • Avoid magnetic fields.  Tapes can be erased if exposed to magnets, speakers, stage
    lighting controls, motor and power cords, arc welding equipment and motorized
    conveyer belts.  Aluminum foil is ineffective in shielding against magnetic fields.
  • Keep tapes clean.  Avoid oils such as buttered popcorn, dust, smoke, or soot.  Donít
    touch exposed tape; fingerprints can cause dropouts, and crinkled tape exhibits
    nasty static type lines which cannot be removed by tracking adjustment.
  • Always eject tape after viewing.  Rewind to beginning (or end) and store upright,
    like a book on a shelf, with full hub on bottom.  Avoid unnecessary movement and
    stacking flat (one on top of another); the weight of the take up and supply reels can
    damage the tape edges.  Store tapes in a library case which opens and closes like
    a book with an airtight seal.  If humidity is high, seal tapes in zip lock style baggies
    and add a moisture absorbing desiccant packet.
  • Tapes need exercise.  By fast forwarding to the end and rewinding (known as
    stacking the tape) you minimize any edge damage or tape layers sticking to one
    another.  Itís a good idea to do this once a year.  Always buy high quality tape for
    the important events such as weddings, birthdays, etc.


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